HostLegal, LLCprovides affordable legal templates (such as Terms Of Service, Terms of Use, Acceptable Use Policy, and Setup & Order form) to webhost resellers, webmasters/webdesigners, and wholesaler/upstream providers.

No. We were webhost reseller newbies. Like most newbies, we wanted to make sure that we were legally protected. At the time, hiring a lawyer to draft our legal documents would have cost us $600-$1,400 this was in 2003! While searching the Web, we struggled onto a website called – HostLegal. The original idea for Host Legal and its templates were developed by a 3rd year law student. He decided to sell the rights to the website forms he developed as well as the Hostlegal.com domain name. Since that time, we have hired a team of lawyers to updated and revised the templates to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements. In fact, we have just updated and released our most popular product - 2017 Reseller Protection Kit -United States version. In the upcoming months, we will be updating and releasing Reseller Seller Protection Kit – United Kingdom and Canada, Webmaster/Webdesigner Protection Kit, and Wholesaler/Upstream Provider Kit. If you are interested, you can pre-order these products now for a 25% off discount on the regular price.

Unfortunately, our justice system allows anyone to be sued for anything. While these forms were developed by our lawyers, you should not consider these iron­clad legal documents. To the extent that these forms will hold up in a court of law is based on the specific circumstances of the case, the city, county, state, and country you live in and other various factors. We strongly encourage you to have a lawyer to still review your templates.

These forms are working documents which you can revise to fit your particular needs. It is easy and less expensive to have your lawyer to review a draft of your web hosting documents then to hire them to develop them from scratch.

No. You have unlimited use of the forms. The only restriction is that you cannot resell or give them away to others. If you develop a website for a client using our templates, that is permissible. If your friend wanted to borrow a copy of the forms so he doesn't have to spend hours developing his own policies for his website, that is not permissible and your friend would have to buy copies from HostLegal.

Our goal is to provide valuable resources and tools to the web hosting industry. Please visit our website on a regular basis for any new products or services.

Yes. you can email us at [email protected] Please remember we are not lawyer and cannot provide you with legal advice.