2011-2012 Reseller Protection Kit (2010RPK)
2011-2012 Reseller Protection Kit (2010RPK)

2011-2012 Reseller Protection Kit - Canada Version

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Hostlegal's Newly Released 2011-2012 Reseller Protection Kit is a bundle of nearly 20 pages of unparalleled liability protection. Literally. Prepared by lawyers specializing in Internet Law, the 2011-2012 Reseller Protection Kit templates shield resellers from liability issues ranging from services provided to network use. There are five main templates included in the 2011-2012 RPK 1.0; each is broken down into multiple sections, finely detailing service, customer service, use and privacy issues resellers are destined to deal with. Terms of Service (TOS) outlines what customers can expect of service providers, and the Acceptable Use Policy sets boundaries for use of the hosts network. The Set Up & Order Form, used to inform customers of information not included in TOS (such as pricing) is also included as is a Privacy Policy template, which explains how information collected through the site will or will not be used. Though one of the most comprehensive liability protection kits on the markets, the 2011-2012 RPK should still be used in conjunction with legal consultation. 2011-2012 Reseller Protection Kit includes:
* Terms Of Service (ToS)
* Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
* Privacy Policy (PP)
* Set Up & Order Form
* About Us/Contact Us
* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
* "Powered by Hostlegal" site banners

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